About Dave Brunn

Dave Brunn is Dean of Academics for New Tribes Mission (NTM) USA Missionary Training Center.

A missionary, translator and educator, Brunn and his wife Nancy spent over twenty years in Papua New Guinea where they served the Lamogai people through church planting, literacy training and Bible translation and consultation.  The Brunns reside  in Camdenton, MO, and assist hundreds of students each year to prepare for missionary service among remote people groups across the globe.

Dave  has been involved in Bible translation work around the world for many years.  Among his works is a complete translation of the New Testament into the Lamogai language.  His book, One Bible, Many Versions, published by IVP Academic, is available through Amazon.com.

Why this book?  Why now?  Here’s what Dave says about his reasons for writing One Bible, Many Versions:

As a career translator, when I hear Christians arguing about Bible translation, it is apparent to me that many of the disagreements are based on an incomplete, oversimplified view of the Bible translation process. My aim is to raise the light level of the average English-speaking Christian, allowing the truth about translation to dispel unwarranted disunity related to this issue.

In one sense, this book is the culmination of many years of Bible translation experience and research. In another sense, this book will hopefully be the beginning of a new, more civil dialogue about translation, incorporating key spheres of evidence that have often been left out of the discussion. I would consider it an honor to join those who have gone before me as a new voice in this realm, articulating a balanced, rational view of Bible translation.


What people are saying about One Bible, Many Versions:


“Dave Brunn’s book does a wonderful job of showing that even those translations that are promoted as ‘literal’ or ‘essentially literal’ often provide interpretive renderings of the original texts, and that this is not a bad thing but part of what one should expect in any translation. This valuable book demonstrates that the distinctive claims often made for translations–namely that they are literal and do not engage in interpretive renderings like other translations–have more to do with rhetoric than with reality, and reinforce unhelpful misconceptions about what translation actually entails. I highly recommend it!”

Roy E. Ciampa
Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

One Bible, Many Versions is very well written. It is, in fact, one of the finest treatments of the subject of translation that I have been privileged to read. In the providence of God I trust that many, many others will read this book and benefit from it as I have.”

David J. Hesselgrave
Professor Emeritus of Mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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